First Steps in Designing your Website

Selecting the Name

The name of your site is called the "domain name," such as, "" The name you select should be inclusive of the services you provide and be correctly spelled. Nicknames are sometimes catchy, but they may impede your ranking in search engines. You can select your name and/or I can provide you with a few suggestions.

Once we have a list of potential names, I can research to determine whether or not they are available or click here to research your name. I always recommend purchasing a domain for a minimum of five years, which will cost approximately $60.00. A worthy investment. This tells the search engines that you plan to be around for at least five years.

Creating a Design

There are many ways to create your design. Here are a few suggestions:

  1. You can simply sketch each page the way you envision your website to look.
  2. Through an interview process, I can determine what you are looking for and give you a series of proposed designs.
  3. You can use a computer program, such as, Photoshop to showcase your design and send me the file.

When designing your site, colors need to be chosen. I can choose and propose colors for you or click here to

Content is King

Next, you need to determine what you want to communicate to your customers. You can write your own content or I can research and write for you. Your content should keep your visitors engaged. Link your pages together within the text, provide resource links, include keywords and phrases that are relevant to the services and/or products you are providing, and include other information that will give them a reason to come back. Include photos that look professional and/or portray your image.

search engine optimizationWhat Now

Once we have all of these steps completed, I'll be ready to create your website. I'll be working with you along the way to gain approval. Once we've completed the website, we'll begin marketing it to promote your business. This is called Search Engine Optimization, also referred to as SEO.

If you have chosen me to host and maintain your site, I will be setting up reports that you will receive on a regular basis and continue to optimize the site. This is very important in getting your site recognized.

For a FREE quote or to get answers to any questions you may have, call me at 702-558-7665 or click here to send me an email.