Marketing Tips

search engine optimizationMarketing and optimizing your site go hand in hand. The first step is creating a site with good keywords and phrases and including relevant links. Your domain name and page titles (what you see at the top left) should include those keywords and phrases. Where you have pictures, we include what is called an "alt" tag. This is how a search engine will know that it is relevant to your products and/or services. This is all included in the programming of your website.

In addition, there are a number of search engines, free directories and paid directories where I will submit your site to be indexed. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a little tricky and usually takes some time regardless. Google is the #1 search engine and I use their knowledge base along with the tricks and tips I've learned over the past 3 years to get all of my sites indexed as quickly as possible.

The best way to succeed in marketing and optimizing your site is to have me host and maintain it for you. This will allow you to focus on your core business. I'll insure your links are always working, you receive reports in whatever level of detail you prefer and research keywords and phrases on a regular basis to give your site the best chance at being #1.

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