taplasvegas.com"Cindy is creative, attentive to detail and does an excellent job at optimizing our website. Since it's creation, the number of visitors has risen to an average of nearly 2,000 a month. Our potential customers are finding the website and responding. I couldn't ask for anything more."

Jeff Chappell
League Owner/Operator
TAP Las Vegas

trustlocksmiths.com"Cindy Chappell has a broad knowledge of website design. Whether she is asked to follow a strict outline or come up with something highly creative, she has the tools to get it done on mark and on time. Cindy also has the communicative skills that are so necessary in this market. If I needed someone both competent and reliable in anything web-related, Cindy Chappell would be my first choice."

Daniel Dayan
Senior Partner
Trust Lockmiths

goldkeyendeavours.com"Working with Cindy Chappell is one of the best decisions I've made for my business. Cindy is creative, knowledgeable and keeps agreements with integrity. Most especially Cindy is dedicated to understanding what I need and want. She let's me know all the options for achieving my goals, with excellent suggestions for deciding what would be best, and why. This has made building and using my website a pleasure. I recommend Cindy to anyone for a website that is the best it can be."

Vicky Jeter
President of Goldkey Endeavours

barringerescrow.com"Cindy is a very skilled web designer. She worked closely with me and designed my websites exactly to my specifications. Her continued support in maintaining, marketing and optimizing my website are priceless. Having her to handle this portion of my business has made it possible for me to focus on the core of my business."

Stephen Van Hoak
Chief Executive Officer
Barringer Escrow