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website photos

Photos, animation and/or videos are an important part of a website design for a couple of reasons. They give a site a very professional look and keep your visitors engaged. In addition, if programmed correctly, they help to index your site in search engines, such as, Google and Yahoo.

Photos must be optimized for the internet and include "alt" tags, as they can slow down the time it takes for a site to load to the desktop and appear on the screen. If your website is slow to appear, you will lose potential customers. I optimize all photographs for websites. Alt tags tell the search engines that your picture is relevant to the service and/or product being searched for by your potential customer.

The use of Flash animation and video should be somewhat limited. Flash files can also slow down the time it takes for a site to load. In addition, depending on your audience, you may not want to include these types of files. Older computers may lack the software needed to properly view your website. Flash is also difficult and sometimes overlooked by search engines.

A nice balance of properly optimized and programmed photos, a little Flash and maybe a video can produce a very professional site that will keep your customers engaged, coming back and looking around for a while. It is a great way to market your site and will help your site to get indexed with search engines.

Adding and changing photos of customers is a way to draw visitors back time and time again. As a part of our maintenance agreement, I can do this for you.

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